pretty coffee mugs

Over the weekend, I worked an event for my internship: The Indiana Artisan Marketplace. It was a big expo of artists + artisans from all over the state, selling their goods. I am so grateful to live in a state that recognizes and promotes the importance of the arts! The days were long, but there were some amazing treasures to be found. I have a coffee mug addiction…I have something like 30 mugs all boxed up in storage, 50 cent finds from Goodwill. But there is this one coffee mug that I bought last spring break in a tiny artist colony in southern Arizona, and it’s the only mug I consistently use. It’s beautiful, handmade and I love holding someone’s handiwork every time I take a sip. I realized that even though I had so many mugs in storage, I wanted more beautiful handmade pieces, like my one from Arizona. So at the Marketplace, as I window shopped on Friday and discovered so many incredible potters selling their beautiful mugs, I decided all 30 of my cheap Goodwill mugs needed to go and they needed to be replaced by just a few amazingly cool handmade versions. So before the Marketplace closed, I invested in a few amazing mugs. I can’t wait until we have a home of our own and these can be used for when friends come over for coffee or tea. I picture Matt and I sitting in a sunny kitchen, sipping coffee on Saturday mornings. I just love it. As I was purchasing one, a woman said to me, “you know, it’s so cool because coffee is something people have every day. so every day, to hold a work of art in your hands, it turns regular coffee drinking into something magical.” Isn’t that such a nice thought? I thought so.

Here are my new favorite possessions. There are also some beautiful ones on Etsy, like this one and this one, if you want to pretty up your own mug set!

xo, Valerie