happy weekend

hooray, the weekend has come again! i was on the phone with my bank last week and the nice gentleman on the other line told a funny joke. he said "there's two major problems with weekends. can you guess what they are?" and i said "they don't last long enough?" and he said "that's one reason!" and i said "and they take too long to get here?" and he laughed this real belly laugh and said "RIGHT! in all my years of telling that joke, you're the first one to get it right!" and of course that made me feel pretty awesome. this weekend is 100% work for me since i'm staffing my office's booth at an artisan fair friday-sunday. yikes! but next weekend at depauw will make up for it. hope you have a good one and here are some fun finds from around the web!  

a feel-good sports story

the perfect blouse to pair with jeans on spring days

this song gives me the chills

vintage world map wallpaper

the coolest hot-air balloon festival in albuquerque (i have to go someday!)

bathroom renovation inspiration

these paleo brownies were delicious

the marshmallow crops are in trouble! (*a funny april fool's joke)

my  beautiful friend katelin + her friend christina have the coolest blog project

pretty spring centerpieces

this blog makes me want to go on an adventure

a cool way to dress up moleskin


happy weekend!