thankful thursday list | no. 03

Do you ever find yourself SO wrapped up in anticipating all the good to come, that you forget to notice all the good already present in the here and now? That is so where I am at the moment. I am looking forward to so many good things coming down the pike--weather finally warming up (please?!), a super fun April packed with visits to DePauw, a dear friend flying in for my bridal shower, and then of course looking further ahead it's Matt's graduation, my brother's graduation, a friend's wedding and then my own wedding! I'm so focused on all the exciting stuff coming up that I forget to slow down and be grateful for all the goodness in my life right now. So here's a list, because gratitude lists always help me do exactly that :)  

+ kicking off high heels when you walk in the door from work

+ coming home to a clean room

+ tea at bedtime

+ wildflower bouquets

+ waking up without an alarm on weekdays- on time!

+ whole foods market

+ lemon cake

+ encouraging emails from co-workers

+ falling asleep to a good book

+ invigorating chats with best friends

+ an organized planner

+ compliments from strangers

+ watching downton abbey with mom

+ pretty sunsets on my evening commute

+ sleeping through the night

+ weekday lunch dates with matthew

+ waking up to the dog sleeping at the foot of my bed

+ holidays at home

+ an organized wedding list

+ splurging on a pretty food magazine

+ sitting in the sunshine

+ forest walks with my love

+ sunshine

+ that a Qdoba burrito bowl with chicken, salsa & guacamole is on my Paleo eating plan ;)

+ my mom's wisdom and constant patience with me