thursday thankful list // no. 02

“everyone gets to decide how happy they want to be because everyone gets to decide how grateful they are willing to be.”

sometimes, it's just that simple. here are the things i'm most grateful for this week.


-comfy oversize sweatpants to put on as soon as i get home from work
-dried cranberries
-Matt being home for spring break!
-recipes from friends
-mom making me lunch
-99 days until the wedding
-a few days working from home
-three day weekend!
-weekday movie night with Matthew
-super soft tshirts
-amaaaaazing full night of sleep
-tea before bedtime
-remembering to take my vitamins
-the greatest coworkers on earth
-chelsea rae
-thrift store finds
-messy braids
-the best maid of honor in the world, haley rae (who has no relation to chelsea rae. we discovered this was a coincidence.)
-crossing things off the wedding to-do list
-catching up with dear friends
-gchat, always
-apartment hunting, what a way to feel grown-up & five years old, all at once
-chatty emails
-new music
-an after-work run, even when it's really hard
-clean water, always
-all the sweet comments on my new website!
-dinner dates with lovely couples (I'm looking at you, Chris + Sarah and Josh + Morgan!)
-the feeling of being inspired and capable
-flipping through England photos
-fresh flowers on my dresser
-seeing the shining lake through my window
-relaxation this weekend! 
-my mama. she's the best.


xo, valerie