it's time to buy some luggage!

So, I'm going on a trip to Mexico in two weeks! Two weeks from today I'll be taking off to a lovely tiny town on the Gulf of Mexico to be a nanny for some of my favorite kids ever for a couple of days. Rough life, huh? ;) As I was thinking about all of the things I needed to buy/pack for the little mini working vacation, I realized I don't have a good bag for quick trips. I have my beloved North Face backpack, which has accompanied me on many world travels, but it's a little too much for a 4-day trip. Also, I almost always have to check it planeside when flying, because the flight attendants insist it's too big for the overhead compartment (le sigh.) And despite being from Indiana, I have no desire to run out and buy a Vera Bradley duffle (they're based in Indiana). I want something durable, classic and something I'll hang on to forever! Not too girly, because I need Matt to be able to carry it for me when we honeymoon in Spain later this year ;) When traveling, I try to be that girl who looks cool and effortlessly put together, like I'm about to jet set to Morocco or something. In reality, I'm really scared of flying and almost always lose my boarding pass. Maybe a cool bag will help me look the part... Here are a few contenders I found from around the web. Help me pick! I probably should have ordered one like...yesterday. (oops.)

ONE   |  TWO  |  THREE  |  FOUR  |  FIVE  |  SIX  |  SEVEN (I can't seem to find this for sale anywhere--it's Kate Spade!)  |  EIGHT