Thursday Thankful List | No. 1

I know, I know, I've been doing these Thursday Thankful Lists for awhile over on the old blog so it's technically not number one. But new site, new fresh slate, right?! So here goes my first thankful list on this shiny new blog of mine :)  

+ lunch dates with dad
+ sunshine & Toy Story clouds
+ midday cup of coffee
+ warm socks on these cold days
+ working from home // our heat at work has been broken for a week, so we've been working mobile these past few days; a little interruption in workflow, but I love working with my dog at my feet!
+ yummy candles
+ sweet text messages from friends
+ pretty paper goods at the local stationary shop
+ fresh flowers
+ Daylight Savings Time! Adore that it's light until 8 p.m.
+ Mexico in three weeks!
+ soon we'll be under 100 days until the wedding day
+ bold scarves
+ perfect ponytails
+ gchats with Chelsea
+ discovering new things about my fiance, like his favorite childhood board game (spoiler alert: we both loved Clue!)
+ blaring music all day when I have the house to myself
+ my whole family under one roof
+ March Madness . . . I don't know a ton about college basketball, but it's so fun to fill out brackets, watch the Cinderella stories and upsets and see which of your friends got the luckiest with their picks!
+ post its. always
+ Brave Girls Club emails, every day
+ My Jesus Calling devotions have been on point this week -- much needed encouragement.


What are you thankful for? (Photo of my dresser decor. I've started getting rid of things in preparation for a move to a tiny apartment with Matt -- these pieces are favorites and of course fresh flowers are a must!)