Chronicle Books journals

Do you write in a journal? I love journaling. Some days I fill pages with lists of what I'm grateful for, other days it's a really profound essay on what is going on in my life at the moment. Sometimes it's just photos taped to the pages with my favorite washi tape. Ever since I was a little girl, I've found journaling to be therapeutic for me. So naturally, choosing a journal when I fill one up is a very big task. It's such a thrilling feeling when I get to those last few pages. Even if I finish the journal on a random Wednesday, it feels so important. Like I'm closing a chapter of my life, or something. My favorite company to buy journals from is Chronicle Books. I've filled three of their quirky, whimsical little books with snippets from my life and can't wait to use up my current journal (a cheap-o, impulsive purchase from Barnes and Noble) so I can buy a pretty one from Chronicle. Here are a few of my favorites, below. That Girl Scout one made me giggle. Takes me right back to fourth grade! Which one would you pick?

XO, Valerie