tiny apartment hunting

So, Matt and I are talking about doing something CRAZY....  

and rent a studio apartment! We've barely started the apartment hunting process, but a teeny tiny apartment is at the top of our list. We had a budget in mind for what we wanted to spend each month in rent. We wanted a two-bedroom house or apartment, so I could have a little home office. There's several options in the area we'd like to live that fit this bill. But then...

I read this article and was inspired to go minimalistic. We take up THREE TIMES more space per capita than we did 60 years ago. What?! I started looking into studio apartments and found a blog post that said Americans, on average, use 20% of their home. That means 80% of the house you inhabit goes largely unused on a daily basis. That just seems crazy to me! Don't get me wrong, minimalism is not in my nature. I have my own storage unit, for crying out loud. I have rubbermaid containers full of Christmas decorations, books, picture frames and knick-knacks. I like things. I like that I have things that once belonged to my great-grandparents. I like touching them and having them, I like that they're tangible. I like collecting things and saving things for my future kids, grandkids and perhaps even great-grandkids. Going minimalistic will be hard. But at the same time, it really excites me. Sometimes I feel so burdened by all of my stuff. How many items are hanging in my closet, unworn and unloved, but that I refuse to give to Goodwill because I paid good money for them and there's nothing wrong with them? I'll tell you: a LOT. It's so silly!

So in our craziest idea to date, Matt and I are actively looking for a teeny tiny apartment to share. We've never lived together. We've never even lived in the same zip code. Why not jump into our first year of marriage sharing 500 square feet? Sounds like a good idea, right? :)

We added up all the money we'd save in rent by living in a tiny space versus the kind of apartment we budgeted for. At the end of the year, we could take an amazing vacation. Or buy a car. Or pay off a student loan in one fell swoop. I like the sound of that.

I've been doing some searching for tiny apartments, just to get an idea for how we'd set it up. Especially a studio. How do you create living spaces out of one single room? Thank goodness for my trust Pinterest. Here are a few of the inspiration photos I found...

(that last one is my favorite!)

The consensus seems to be that you put the head of the bed against one wall and put the couch right up against the foot of the bed to divide the space. I also love the idea of using reclaimed wood to create a rustic divider that will go at the foot of the bed to create a "bedroom" separate from the living area.

Even if we do rent a one-bedroom, it's going to be a pretty teeny bedroom. I loved these photos of how to arrange furniture and decorate micro rooms:

What do you think? Are we totally crazy? I've already started paring down my belongings and we're going to have a huge garage sale after we decide on a place and sign a lease, before we move in. I can't wait to kiss the storage unit GOODBYE!

XO, Valerie