Hi friend! It's so nice to meet you.

My name is Valerie (that's me!), and I'm so glad you're here. I hope you pour yourself a delightful drink (coffee, tea or my favorite - a mimosa!) and stay awhile. I am a wife to my incredible husband, Matt, and mama to my sweet babies, Xavier and Zelie. We live in central Indiana in a hundred year old house in the historic district of our small town, with high hopes of renovating it someday. I love to read, be outside, decorate our home, watch HGTV, take on DIY projects, garden, hang out with my little family and travel. I run a stationery shop called Vallarina Creative which you can visit right here. I love going barefoot, the smell of fresh cut grass and the color of the sky in October. I crinkle my nose when I laugh and I'm a sucker for fresh flowers on my kitchen island. I believe in the power of a good desk chair dance party and being in the mountains make me feel closer to God than any other place on earth. I love a good black and white photograph, as evidenced by this page. I used to want to be Amish when I was younger, and sometimes still long for the quietness of their life. You could say I'm on a mission to model their simple living - while still enjoying the modern comforts of electricity and deodorant. My life is a story of Jesus making much out of my mess, and I'm grateful for His grace each and every day.

This little corner of the internet is my space where I share my journey to craft an intentional life, a stronger marriage, grace-filled motherhood, a cozy home, a deeper faith and my passion for celebrating life, no matter your circumstances. I hope you leave uplifted, inspired and encouraged to flourish right where you are.