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I've been using essential oils for almost three years and am not kidding when I say they've changed our life. I'm super passionate about sharing about how they've helped our family and our family's journey to better health and wellness. I'd love to help you get started on that path, too!

What are essential oils?

Have you ever zested a lemon and smelled that amazing lemon scent? That is an essential oil! Essential oils are the distilled essence of plants. They're highly concentrated and work WITH our bodies to achieve better wellness. And they're not new or a fad - they're a homeopathic remedy dating back to Bible times. Amazing!


Essential oils are a great tool in your health + wellness toolkit. They are a natural way to bring balance back to the body - something we so desperately need, now that we live in a culture full of stress, busyness, and tons of toxic products filling our homes and life everyday.


I use and love Young Living oils. There's lots of companies out there, but this is the one I trust for myself and my family. Young Living has 20+ years of experience and is the world leader and pioneer in essential oil research and the distillation process. Young Living also owns their own farms across the globe, and has strong oversight on the oil creation process, ensuring the highest possible purity and potency of every single drop. You can read all about their Seed to Seal promise right here. I also love that their supply chain is ethical - meaning there are no child laborers picking plants and that people are treated with dignity at every step of the supply chain.


Oils are versatile and there's several ways to get the benefits. You can apply them to your skin, you can diffuse them using a diffuser, you can inhale them or you can ingest them. All four ways are great options and provide tons of ways to use the oils in everyday life.


The best way to get started with essential oils is to get a Premium Starter Kit. The kit comes with 11 oils, a diffuser, samples and learning literature AND access to our amazing community for further learning. We have lots of Facebook groups where you can ask questions and learn from other oilers (newbies and veterans alike!) as well as specialty groups for babies and kids, infertility and pets.  We also offer monthly classes (for free!) and provide tons of resources to help you as you make oils part of your everyday life. And if you're interested in building a business with Young Living, our team has amazing resources to get you up and running right away. You can order a Premium Starter Kit right here. Make sure you select wholesale member when you go to order - that's your ticket to getting 24% off all products and getting access to our amazing community!