yearly highlight reel with 1 second everyday

For the past couple years, I've wanted to do a yearly highlight reel video using the app called 1 Second Everyday. Each year, I've forgotten and then it's past January 1st and I just can't bring myself to start something like a yearly highlight video on any date but January 1st. I know that's silly - especially because I'm always telling people to just start! Start where you are! The date doesn't matter! It's okay, I own the fact that I'm a total hypocrite with these things ;)

Anyway, for the last four months I've been recording a video each and every day and adding them to my yearly project. The app makes it SO easy to add each day's video, and I love watching it every now and then and reminiscing on all the fun we've had as a family this year. Here's our video so far!


I wanted to share a few tips I've picked up along the way!

  • Add in non-people shots. This is totally a personal preference, but I love sprinkling in some non-people-heavy videos here and there. Things like the sky on a given day, my toes in the grass, flowers blowing in the breeze. I think they add interest to the video AND remind me that there is so much joy all around me, beyond all the (incredible) joy that the people in my life bring.
  • Don't stress if you miss a day. There are many videos in my reel so far that weren't actually shot on that day. No one will know or care if you use a video from April 15th for the April 29th spot. You won't even remember, I promise. Let go of the perfectionism. There are LOTS of videos in my overall reel that are in a different slot than the day they were taken. IT'S OKAY. The point is to have a home movie to someday show your kids and grandkids, or reminisce over yourself, and the nitty-gritty details will. not. matter.
  • Watch it often! Don't wait for the entire thing to be done before watching it. I watch our video at least every week. Seeing all the clips motivates me to keep going and gives me ideas for new clips to capture. It reminds me that little, mundane moments are often the most beautiful and is such a motivator for me to just keep going - literally and figuratively.
  • Shoot horizontally. I know we are so conditioned to take video vertically since we're all using our iPhones and posting to SnapChat and Instagram where vertical videos are king. But think about your home movies from your childhood - they seem so much more movie-like when they're horizontal! The app allows you to sort of zoom in on a vertical video and crop it to horizontal, but you lose some quality that way. I've had to use that feature a few times and it works in a pinch, but I've since gotten in the habit of shooting horizontally and it makes a huge difference.
  • Have fun! Don't take it too seriously. Don't worry about capturing EVERY moment or the PERFECT moment. Anything you capture and stitch together is better than nothing, and you'll be so glad you did it when it's done. 

I have so many ideas for more video projects after doing this one. I think it would be so cool to record a quick clip of the sky every single day for a month, or the same spot in your daily walk or commute, or a clip from each day of a vacation, or a clip of your baby every single day of their first year. Creating our video has my creative wheels turning in all kinds of new ways and I'm excited to keep exploring video as a creative outlet!

Are you using 1 Second Everyday? Do you have a link to any videos you've made using it? Drop a link in the comments, I'd love to see! XO!