wedding DIY: paper doily envelopes

With only three and a half months left to go until wedding day (eeeeeks!!) I've decided to post a few of the fun wedding projects I've been working on!! While this wedding is not entirely a DIY affair, we are doing a fair amount of the decor and projects ourselves, which has been really fun, frustrating and an awesome learning experience. I love reading tutorials online so I figured I'll post a few of my own! First up: paper doily envelopes.

So, to start things off, let me lay some groundwork. We're going for a rustic, vintage feel for our wedding. You know, kraft paper, burlap, etc. etc. It's not outdoors and the reception isn't in a barn, but we want our guests to still feel like the whole thing is very handmade and laid back. Being a designer, I knew I wanted to do the invitations and all of the paper goods myself. I designed our cute save the dates, which were tied with twine/lace depending on what I had on hand, and people LOVED them. I knew I had to one-up it for the invites! I had a vague idea of what I wanted for the design and I had already ordered brown kraft envelopes. I wanted to line the envelopes with something fun, though. Maybe in our wedding colors? As I was perusing Pinterest and Etsy for ideas, I came across this photo:

And I loved it!! How cute would a doily envelope be inside a kraft outer envelope? I decided to try and make them. And as it turns out, they aren't that hard! They sell for anywhere from $1-$2.50 a pop on Etsy, which might be feasible if you're sending 100 invites, but when you're sending close to 400 (yes, really) it's totally not in the budget. So, DIY it was! Here's what you need:

  • 12" doilies (size could depend on the size of your invite I guess, but I chose 12" to be safe, figuring on a 5x7 ish invite) - I ordered mine in bulk from here.
  • glue: I used Scotch Scrapbooker's Glue. I experimented with double-sided tape, spray adhesive, regular glue stick, little glue dots and rubber cement, and this kind was by far the easiest. Order it on Amazon here.
  • template: I cut a piece from the cardboard that came with the doily packages to be the size of the invite, and made a couple just in case one got ruined.
  • newspaper
  • scissors

The process is super easy. Here it is in just a few simple steps!

step one

put the template on top of the doily. Make sure the side facing you is the unfinished side! I put my template so that there was more doily below the bottom edge of the template, so that when folded, it would look like an envelope.


step two

fold both sides in towards the middle.


step three

using the large applicator on the glue, swab glue onto the outer edges of the bottom part of the doily that you are going to fold up towards the middle.

step four

fold the bottom edge up towards the middle and smooth so that the glue sticks.

Hold it in place for a few seconds, and voila! A doily envelope. Sooo simple! I'm about halfway done with the ones for the invites. It goes much quicker if you pop in a movie (or binge watch Parenthood on Netflix...guilty.)

Will you try it? I hope this helps!

XO, Valerie