Krystle + Jason :: MARRIED!

You guys, BIG NEWS. I only have THREE MORE posts and then I'm caught up on 2013! Ha ha...but seriously. I'm totally going to be caught up before I leave for Uganda (next week, eeeeeks!) which is just so exciting. And for the 40th time I will vow not to get this behind again. We will see... Meet Krystle and Jason! They were married on a gorgeous October day at Avon Gardens (a beautiful venue for all you brides-to-be!) and couldn't have had better weather or celebration! This couple is one I'll always remember. They just radiate love and joy and it was so obvious throughout the day how much they love each other, their families, the Lord and their friends. Their love story is probably one of my favorites EVER and it was such a blessing to capture their beautiful day!

apples + warmth + sunshine

In cleaning up my computer files and folders, I've run across a lot of photos I've taken and loved, but never shared here. Believe it or not, in between all the scheduled shoots and weddings, there is life, and candid photos, and picking up the camera "just for fun," and this day I'm about to share was one of those days. I think I'll share a lot more of these kinds of days here on the blog! One day last October, my sweet friend Sarah invited me to come along to the apple orchard with her and her sweet littles. I had never been apple picking before (!!) despite growing up my whole life in Indiana (that I remember, anyway) and I LOVED it. New fall tradition for sure! Sweet Rocco was suuuuper into apples at this point in his life and was content to sit under the "bapple" trees and go to town. Lena is a little bit more wily and hard to photograph. Such a spirited little love! I ADORE this family and these kids and absolutely loved spending the afternoon with them.

Plus, when it's -7 degrees for what feels like the MILLIONTH day in a  row (will it ever end?) it's nice to remember that other seasons, and warmth, and sunshine still exist out there…somewhere :)

Emily + Josh

Happy Monday!! I am so, so grateful for the rest and relaxation of this past weekend. After working practically EVERY weekend in college, I sooo appreciate weekends now! And secretly I kind of love Mondays. I think it's part of my obsession with fresh starts…new notebooks…first day of school…etc. I'm putting the final touches on my business plan and goals for 2014 today and I'm really excited to dive into tackling them! But for now, I'm so excited to debut Emily & Josh on the blog! We did their engagement session this fall and had such a blast walking around Broadripple. They are hilarious and so much fun and I am SO excited to photograph their wedding later this summer!

Jessi + Seth

Happy Wednesday! Does this week feel like it is CRAWLING by for anyone else?! Last week seemed to go so fast, which is weird because I was stuck in my apartment for four days because of snow! At any rate, I am so excited to share these photos of Jessi & Seth! The stars aligned for this wedding. It was SO much fun to shoot! A gorgeous couple, a perfect October day (yes this wedding was in October. Yes, it's January now. No, I don't want to talk about how behind on blogging I am!!) a hilarious wedding party, an all-around good time. My favorite! Jessi poured her blood, sweat and tears into planning this day. She was THE most on-top-of-it bride I've ever seen and I have to say, it seriously paid off! It was perfectly planned and so well-executed. Bravo, Jessi! Become a wedding planner! :)


Becky + Jacob // preview

Ahhhh this couple!! Becky is a dear friend of mine from college and I was THRILLED to have the honor of photographing her wedding last weekend. Her groom, Jacob, loves her SO much and it was one of those weddings where it was SO obvious that the love these two share has truly been an inspiration to their family, friends and loved ones. They love each other and the Lord so very much and it was beautiful to witness them make the sacrament of marriage. Despite the day being FREEZING and POURING rain, Becky was so happy and glowing all day long. Both Becky and Jacob and their wedding party and family were so easy going and great to work with. It was definitely my most challenging wedding in terms of weather (darn you, mother nature!) but they all made it a breeze. Here's a quick sneak peek!