Hello, hello! Apparently I’m blogging roughly once a month right now?! Hoping to get in a better swing of things, but no promises.

I do want to chronicle more of our renovation process, because I know it’s something I’ll want to look back on when it’s all said and done. As we get closer to drywall (please, God?!) I’ve started thinking a lot about the design details, things like paint, flooring, trim, and the like, since those things will be happening shortly after drywall goes up!

My style has definitely evolved over the last several years, and it’s been so fun to pour over tons of visual inspiration and photos of different aesthetics to figure out what direction I want to go in for this house.

Our house was built in 1902, and although it didn’t have much original character, we are weaving in lots of elements that will make it fit with the folk victorian style. Some exterior trim details will put it in this camp, and I’m excited to bring in some victorian elements inside as well (with an updated, modern twist!)

So, “modern victorian is the style I’ve settled on, although it will be much more toned-down than typical victorian style. Maybe “minimalist modern victorian” is a more appropriate label? Or “modern victorian farmhouse”? I don’t know. Labels are kind of lame anyway, because I hate pigeonholing myself into one particular style.

That being said, I’m drawing heavily on victorian styles when planning the design of this house. Here’s my working vision board with my most favorite inspiration images:


While the bulk of the house will be light + bright as far as paint, I’m excited to bring in some darker, moody colors as accents both on the walls and through art and furniture. I’m also drawing heavily on victorian elements such as floral wallpaper, ornate ceiling roses (I love these paired with more modern fixtures!), chair/picture rail and paneling on walls, botanical prints and elements, and I’m swooning for those dark painted stairs. It’s different than anything I’ve done before but I am absolutely loving the direction the design is heading and can’t wait to see it all come to life!

Any design trends you’re loving? Any other old home enthusiasts out there!? I’m so excited to honor this home’s history and roots while also making it practical and liveable for our family.

+ + +

P.S. Emily Henderson recently said “modern victorian” is the up-and-coming trend so basically I’m feeling very hip right now, ha!

Our home tour!

As I write this, our family is living with my parents, fifteen minutes away from the house we own which is currently being demo'd. Our giant renovation is officially underway, so I decided it was high time to finally share photos of our home, the way it looked before we started swinging hammers! It will never again look like this (and I'm SO grateful for all the additions that are happening!) so I'm really glad I took the time to snap these photos so we'll always remember the sweet little place it was before the massive changes.

We bought our home in the fall of 2014, and we bought it *hoping* to someday do a large-scale renovation. The house is just two bedrooms + one bathroom, but it has a huge, walk-up attic that we hoped to someday turn into liveable space. My dad owns a construction company and has for my entire life, and he has a lot of experience building homes and doing major home projects like this, so we felt good buying the house, knowing he could lend his expertise when the time came. More on that in a future post!

Here is the floor plan of the house when we bought it. This is the layout we've been living with for 3.5 years.


We've done a lot of work to this little place. Painted every room, added fun things like the chalkboard wall in the living room and floating cabinets in the living and dining rooms. I absolutely love decorating and intentionally styling a space to make it feel like home. Over the last two years, I've spent a ton of time paring down our belongings, and revisiting our layout and decor again and again to really figure out if our home matched our values and lifestyle. I read the book The Life-Giving Home and HIGHLY recommend it. It was so helpful for me during this process!

When people visit, they most often used words like refreshing, natural, relaxing, airy, bright to describe our home, which makes me so proud because that was exactly my goal. I want any home we own to be a haven for all who enter, to be a place of rest and respite. I also want our home to match our values - namely, that people understand what we hold dear the minute they walk in the door. Our Catholic faith, travel, family, experiences, nature, play, adventure, to name a few. 

I am so excited to have a blank canvas to work with in just a few months, but will always treasure the memories made in this little home over the last 3.5 years!

Without further ado - welcome to our home!

When you walk in the front door, you're basically right in our living room. You can see the front door in that first photo. I love the original archway, and really wanted to turn that tiny little entry into the gateway to our home!

Our master bedroom is to the right off the entry as you walk in the front door:

The kids room is also off the living room. They share, and it's the best ever!

Down the hallway is the bathroom and our dining room!

From the dining room, you walk into the kitchen. There's another original archway, which I love! We've done the most work to our kitchen - painting the walls and cabinets, along with lots of styling.

From the kitchen, you get to my office. This is also where the back door is, which is the door we're constantly using to come and go since it leads out to the garage. You can view more photos and words about my office on the feature School of Styling did a couple years back!

Off my office is the laundry room. We've packed a TON of storage into this tiny space!

And there you have it! Our sweet, 1,200 square foot, 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom home. I'll be sharing the floor plan for the renovation soon and the style we're going towards for the updates! XO!

Making a cabinet into a pantry

There are a lot of things I wish for when it comes to my kitchen, but an actual pantry is high on the list. We've successfully turned two of our regular kitchen cabinets into a makeshift pantry and it's working, but you can bet I still drool over photos by The Home Edit of gorgeous, meticulously organized walk-in pantries. Someday!

In the meantime, though, this cabinet pantry situation really is working well for us. I wanted to share it today in case you, too, are trying to figure out how to make a smaller kitchen or nonexistent pantry work for you!


We set aside two of our cabinets for our pantry - which was a pretty hefty chunk of our cabinetry. As a caveat before I get started - a huge reason this works is because we wayyyyyy downsized our kitchen. All of our eating dishes, glasses, our baking dishes, so on and so forth all fit in ONE cabinet. Downsizing our dishes freed up a lot of cabinet space to turn into food storage. Minimalism all the way, you guys.

Another trick to making this work for us is to take everything out of packaging that I can. I empty pretty much everything into a labeled glass canister or bin. I like being able to find exactly what I'm looking for quickly, being able to see exactly how much is left of something, and not having to dig through a zillion boxes to get what I need. Because of our limited space, we can't buy in bulk, but that's okay. We buy what we use, use what we have, and replenish when it's gone. It's a good system for our family!


I love to get glass canisters at Hobby Lobby, when their glassware is 50% off. They have a huge selection! I've found bins all kinds of places - just be sure to measure your cabinet before shopping. Save a note in your phone with the depth of your cabinets, the height for each shelf and the width where you want to put a bin or jar, that way you save yourself the headache of buying something that's a hair too big!


I also utilize turntables, or lazy Susans. They work great for cans, bottles and such and make finding what I need a snap!


For bags of chips and other bigger things, I have two baskets on top of the fridge and we just toss everything up there. I try to keep one basket for bigger bags like chips and one basket for smaller things like crackers and rice cakes, but they all end up mixed up, and I don't really care all that much.

And there you have it! Simple, practical food storage when a pantry is nonexistent. Do you have any other tips + tricks for living in small spaces? I'd love to hear! Happy Tuesday!

A corner for baby

Now that Zelie and Xavier are officially sharing a room (more on that later), I figured I'd go ahead and blog the little corner we created for her in our master bedroom (LOL). Our house is only two bedrooms, so we knew Z would be bunking in with us for awhile until we could move the kids in together. We opted to just go ahead and put her crib in our room from the get-go and not mess with a bassinet and such. Our room is pretty good size and there was plenty of space for her crib and a small dresser that held all of her clothes, swaddles, blankets, etc., with a changing pad on top. I know this isn't the case for everyone, but it worked out really well for us.

It was really fun to put together this sweet little corner in the weeks leading up to Zelie's birth, and I love that she had a little space all her own for her first few months of life!

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