bits + pieces // 01

I used to really love the bits + pieces series on Bleubird, and when I realized last week that I'd taken hardly any personal photos this entire year (except for on my phone) I was pretty sad. I vowed to start snapping more on my "big camera"--for no one else's benefit but my own. So I've kept my camera in easy reach the last week and it's been fun to snap away here and there throughout my day. Random, ordinary, unassuming things--but memories and mornings and spaces I don't want to forget. Here's a look at some bits + pieces of life over the last couple weeks.

01. Matt + Scout nap // 02. A foggy morning // 03. A cluttered workspace // 04. Always watching the squirrels // 05. Plants growing despite no effort on our part // 06. He finds the comfiest place, always // 07. Mornings in this corner // 08. A cheerful entryway // 09. Surprise tulips // 10. The beginnings of a spring wardrobe